Commit f64e2a9d authored by Axel Simon's avatar Axel Simon

fix warnings in C code

parent 873eb05b
......@@ -541,7 +541,8 @@ structure Simplify = struct
fun visitStmt s (ASSIGNstmt (res,exp)) = (case visitExp s exp of
PRIexp (RAISEprim,t,es) => ASSIGNstmt (NONE, PRIexp (RAISEprim,t,es))
| PRIexp (SETSTATEprim,t,es) => ASSIGNstmt (NONE, PRIexp (SETSTATEprim,t,es))
| PRIexp (SETSTATEprim,t,es) => (#stmtsRef s := !(#stmtsRef s) @ [ASSIGNstmt (NONE, PRIexp (SETSTATEprim,t,es))];
ASSIGNstmt (res,PRIexp (VOIDprim, VOIDvtype, [])))
| exp => ASSIGNstmt (res, exp)
| visitStmt s (IFstmt (c,t,e)) = IFstmt (visitExp s c, visitBlock s t, visitBlock s e)
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