Commit 3249f777 authored by Lovis J.I. Zenz's avatar Lovis J.I. Zenz
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fix 324 - fixed 017

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......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ val fuse-bodies-stmt-list stmts = case stmts of
SEM_ITE t : do
fusable <- return (SEM_CONS {hd=s.hd, tl=SEM_NIL});
fusable <- return (get-fusable t.cond fusable stmts);
head <- return (fuse-bodies-ite-list t fusable);
head <- return (fuse-bodies-ite-list s.hd fusable);
tail <- return (get-remainder fusable stmts);
continued <- return (fuse-bodies-stmt-list tail);
return (SEM_CONS {hd=head, tl=continued})
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