Commit 024a5377 authored by Axel Simon's avatar Axel Simon

disable funky incorrect switch reduce optimization

parent 1ecb8f1f
......@@ -2011,8 +2011,8 @@ structure SwitchReduce = struct
calcCutOff (newSlack, newLast, max, idx-1)
(* including other bits might lead to overlapping patterns later, but it seems ok now *)
val cutOff = if bits<=1 then 0 else (*Array.sub (sorted, bits-1)*)
calcCutOff (0, Array.sub (sorted, bits-1), Array.sub (sorted, bits-1), bits-2)
val cutOff = if bits<=1 then 0 else Array.sub (sorted, bits-1)
(*calcCutOff (0, Array.sub (sorted, bits-1), Array.sub (sorted, bits-1), bits-2)*)
(*val bitPats = List.concat (map (fn p => case p of
VECpat bp => bp
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