Commit 58beccea authored by Thomas Krex's avatar Thomas Krex
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- code kommentiert und aufgeräumt

-shape-klassen strukturiert
parent 5cd2ac8a
......@@ -322,36 +322,37 @@ int id abs__submit_area 0x7f04002f
int id abs__textButton 0x7f040013
int id abs__title 0x7f04001b
int id abs__up 0x7f04000b
int id action_settings 0x7f040047
int id add 0x7f040046
int id action_settings 0x7f040048
int id add 0x7f040047
int id button_paste 0x7f04003f
int id button_save 0x7f04003e
int id checkBox1 0x7f04003b
int id connect_btn 0x7f04003a
int id disableHome 0x7f040009
int id edit_query 0x7f040026
int id empty 0x7f040041
int id extend 0x7f04004a
int id feedDetailsLv 0x7f040042
int id feed_list 0x7f040040
int id empty 0x7f040042
int id extend 0x7f04004b
int id feedDetailsLv 0x7f040043
int id feed_list 0x7f040041
int id homeAsUp 0x7f040006
int id indexScrollView 0x7f040033
int id itemTitle 0x7f040044
int id itemTitle 0x7f040045
int id listMode 0x7f040002
int id next 0x7f040049
int id next 0x7f04004a
int id normal 0x7f040001
int id playerView_extended 0x7f040034
int id playerView_fullscreen 0x7f040036
int id port_tx 0x7f040039
int id progressBar 0x7f040043
int id progressBar 0x7f040044
int id scrollView1 0x7f040035
int id search 0x7f040048
int id search 0x7f040049
int id server_tx 0x7f040038
int id showCustom 0x7f040008
int id showHome 0x7f040005
int id showTitle 0x7f040007
int id statusIcon 0x7f040045
int id statusIcon 0x7f040046
int id tabMode 0x7f040003
int id textView1 0x7f04003f
int id textView1 0x7f040040
int id tx_name 0x7f04003d
int id tx_url 0x7f04003c
int id useLogo 0x7f040004
......@@ -409,18 +410,21 @@ int string abs__searchview_description_voice 0x7f09000c
int string abs__shareactionprovider_share_with 0x7f090006
int string abs__shareactionprovider_share_with_application 0x7f090007
int string action_settings 0x7f09000e
int string add_feed 0x7f09001e
int string add_feed 0x7f09001f
int string app_name 0x7f09000d
int string cancel 0x7f090018
int string confirm_download 0x7f090016
int string connect 0x7f090011
int string delete 0x7f09001d
int string delete 0x7f09001e
int string delete_feed 0x7f09001c
int string delete_lecture 0x7f09001d
int string deleted 0x7f09001b
int string hello_world 0x7f09000f
int string inet_needed 0x7f090019
int string multicast 0x7f090015
int string not_found 0x7f09001a
int string parse_fail_message 0x7f090021
int string parse_fail_title 0x7f090020
int string port 0x7f090013
int string prompt_title 0x7f090014
int string server_adresse 0x7f090012
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