Commit ba9c0be6 authored by Dr. Michael Petter's avatar Dr. Michael Petter

fixed npe in interpreting messages

parent 8f8858cf
...@@ -274,10 +274,12 @@ public class TTTProcessor { ...@@ -274,10 +274,12 @@ public class TTTProcessor {
//add the saved messages //add the saved messages
if(firstWhiteboardMessage != null){ if(firstWhiteboardMessage != null){
firstWhiteboardMessage.setTimestamp(0); firstWhiteboardMessage.setTimestamp(0);
firstCursorMessage.setTimestamp(0); messages.add(1, firstWhiteboardMessage);
messages.add(1, firstWhiteboardMessage); if (firstCursorMessage !=null){
messages.add(2, firstCursorMessage); firstCursorMessage.setTimestamp(0);
messages.add(2, firstCursorMessage);
} }
messages.add(last); messages.add(last);
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