Commit 07c776ef authored by angermue's avatar angermue
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Fixes bug in concerning renaming files under windows.

git-svn-id: 0463f305-d864-43cb-8a47-61cf597d4139
parent 9de7b845
......@@ -183,6 +183,7 @@ public class PodcastCreator {
if (outMovieFile.length() == 0) {
//the first window movie can renamed directly to output movie.
//NOTE: MP4Box uses fps=1 for the container format when vFrames=1 whereby the container frame rate and codec frame rate can differ when using frameRate != 1. That causes a wrong synchronized video and audio stream
outMovieTmpFile.delete(); //For renaming files on a windows system, the destination file may not exist
} else {
//append the created window movie (windowMovieFile) to the output movie (outMovieFile) using MP4Box
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