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FILE := main
OUT := build
mkdir -p $(OUT)
pdflatex -output-directory $(OUT) $(FILE)
biber $(OUT)/$(FILE)
cd $(OUT) && makeglossaries $(FILE)
pdflatex -output-directory $(OUT) $(FILE)
pdflatex -output-directory $(OUT) $(FILE)
rm -rf $(OUT)
# LaTeX template for TUM theses
This is a LaTeX template created according to the [guidelines for TUM informatics theses][thesis-guidelines]. However, this might be useful for you even if you're a member of another faculty. See [`build/main.pdf`][sample-pdf] for an example PDF created with this template.
Note: Because of copyright considerations, TUM logos are not included in this template and have to be downloaded separately.
Comments & contributions welcome!
## Quickstart
* [Download][template-download] and extract the template.
* Download the TUM logos in PDF format:
* Log in to [MyTUM][mytum].
* Download the TUM logo from [here][mytum-logo-tum] and save it to `logos/tum.pdf`.
* Download your faculty's logo from [here][mytum-logo-faculty] and save it to `logos/faculty.pdf`.
* Some logos might not be cropped; execute the `crop-logos` script to do that for you.
* Configure your latex editor to use `biber` for bibliography and `makeglossaries` for glossary generation. Set `main.tex` as the master document.
* You can also use the provided Makefile, which will create a PDF in the `build` directory.
* Look for `TODO` comments in the provided files. Start at `main.tex`.
## License
[![Creative Commons License][license-image]][license]
This work is licensed under a [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License][license].
title = {LaTeX : A Documentation Preparation System User's Guide and Reference Manual},
publisher = {Addison-Wesley Professional},
year = {1994},
author = {Leslie Lamport}
File added
Citation test~\parencite{latex}.
\caption[Example figure]{An example for a figure.}\label{fig:sample}
See~\autoref{tab:sample}, \autoref{fig:sample-drawing}, \autoref{fig:sample-plot}, \autoref{fig:sample-listing}.
\caption[Example table]{An example for a simple table.}\label{tab:sample}
\begin{tabular}{l l l l}
A & B & C & D \\
1 & 2 & 1 & 2 \\
2 & 3 & 2 & 3 \\
% This should probably go into a file in figures/
\begin{tikzpicture}[node distance=3cm]
\node (R0) {$R_1$};
\node (R1) [right of=R0] {$R_2$};
\node (R2) [below of=R1] {$R_4$};
\node (R3) [below of=R0] {$R_3$};
\node (R4) [right of=R1] {$R_5$};
\path[every node]
(R0) edge (R1)
(R0) edge (R3)
(R3) edge (R2)
(R2) edge (R1)
(R1) edge (R4);
\caption[Example drawing]{An example for a simple drawing.}\label{fig:sample-drawing}
\pgfplotstableset{col sep=&, row sep=\\}
% This should probably go into a file in data/
a & b \\
1 & 1000 \\
2 & 1500 \\
3 & 1600 \\
a & b \\
1 & 1200 \\
2 & 800 \\
3 & 1400 \\
% This should probably go into a file in figures/
legend style={legend pos=south east},
\addplot table[x=a, y=b]{\exampleA};
\addlegendentry{Example A};
\addplot table[x=a, y=b]{\exampleB};
\addlegendentry{Example B};
\caption[Example plot]{An example for a simple plot.}\label{fig:sample-plot}
SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE tbl.str = "str"
\caption[Example listing]{An example for a source code listing.}\label{fig:sample-listing}
@echo off
pdfcrop logos\tum.pdf logos\tum.pdf
pdfcrop logos\faculty.pdf logos\faculty.pdf
command -v pdfcrop >/dev/null 2>&1 || {
echo >&2 "pdfcrop executable not found in PATH:"
echo >&2 "${PATH}"
exit 1
LOGOS=(tum faculty)
for logo in ${LOGOS[@]}
pdfcrop "logos/${logo}.pdf" "logos/${logo}.pdf"
\newacronym{tum}{TUM}{Technische Universität München}
description={is a machine that\ldots}
\RequirePackage[l2tabu, orthodox]{nag}
% TODO: decide if one-sided/two-sided
%\documentclass[headsepline,footsepline,footinclude=false,fontsize=11pt,paper=a4,listof=totoc,bibliography=totoc,BCOR=12mm,DIV=calc} % two-sided
\documentclass[headsepline,footsepline,footinclude=false,oneside,fontsize=11pt,paper=a4,listof=totoc,bibliography=totoc]{scrbook} % one-sided
% TODO: remove if glossary not needed
% TODO: add more chapters here
% TODO: remove if glossary not needed
\glsaddall{} % add all defined terms to glossary, even if not referenced in text
%TODO: Abstract
{\usekomafont{section} Acknowledgments}
%TODO: Acknowledgments
\Huge \textsc{\getFaculty{}}\\
\Large \textsc{Technische Universität München}\\
{\Large \getDoctype{}}
{\huge\bfseries \getTitle{}}
{\LARGE \getAuthor{}}
I assure the single handed composition of this \MakeLowercase{\getDoctype{}} only supported by declared resources.
Munich, \getSubmissionDate{} \hspace{5cm} \getAuthor{}
\Huge \textsc{\getFaculty{}}\\
\Large \textsc{Technische Universität München}\\
{\Large \getDoctype{}}
{\huge\bfseries \getTitle{}}
{\huge\bfseries \getTitleGer{}}
\begin{tabular}{l l}
Author: & \getAuthor{} \\
Supervisor: & \getSupervisor{} \\
Advisor: & \getAdvisor{} \\
Submission Date: & \getSubmissionDate{} \\
% Basic information for cover & title page
\newcommand*{\getFaculty}{Fakultät für Informatik}
\newcommand*{\getTitle}{TODO: Thesis title}
\newcommand*{\getTitleGer}{TODO: Titel der Abschlussarbeit}
\newcommand*{\getAuthor}{TODO: Author}
\newcommand*{\getDoctype}{TODO: Thesis type (Bachelor's Thesis, \ldots)}
\newcommand*{\getSupervisor}{TODO: Supervisor}
\newcommand*{\getAdvisor}{TODO: Advisor}
\newcommand*{\getSubmissionDate}{TODO: Submission date}
% TODO: add custom commands etc.
\usepackage[backend=biber,url=false,style=alphabetic,maxnames=4,minnames=3,maxbibnames=99,firstinits,uniquename=init]{biblatex} % TODO: adapt bibliography style
\usepackage[xindy={language=american,codepage=utf8},toc,nonumberlist,acronym]{glossaries} % TODO: remove if glossary not needed
\setkomafont{disposition}{\normalfont\bfseries} % use serif font for headings
\linespread{1.05} % adjust line spread for mathpazo font
% Settings for glossaries TODO: remove the following block if glossary not needed
\renewcommand{\glsnamefont}[1]{\normalfont\bfseries #1} % use serif font for glossary entry titles
% Settings for pgfplots
\pgfplotsset{compat=1.9} % TODO: adjust to your installed version
% For available color names, see
cycle list={CornflowerBlue\\Dandelion\\ForestGreen\\BrickRed\\},
% Settings for lstlistings
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