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# LaTeX template for TUM theses

This is a LaTeX template created according to the [guidelines for TUM informatics theses][thesis-guidelines]. However, this might be useful for you even if you're a member of another faculty. See [`build/main.pdf`][sample-pdf] for an example PDF created with this template.

Note: Because of copyright considerations, TUM logos are not included in this template and have to be downloaded separately.

Comments & contributions welcome!

## Quickstart

 * [Download][template-download] and extract the template.
 * Download the TUM logos in PDF format:
   * Log in to [MyTUM][mytum].
   * Download the TUM logo from [here][mytum-logo-tum] and save it to `logos/tum.pdf`.
   * Download your faculty's logo from [here][mytum-logo-faculty] and save it to `logos/faculty.pdf`.
   * Some logos might not be cropped; execute the `crop-logos` script to do that for you.
 * Configure your latex editor to use `biber` for bibliography and `makeglossaries` for glossary generation. Set `main.tex` as the master document.
   * You can also use the provided Makefile, which will create a PDF in the `build` directory.
 * Look for `TODO` comments in the provided files. Start at `main.tex`.

## License

[![Creative Commons License][license-image]][license]

This work is licensed under a [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License][license].