Commit bf2d3139 authored by Michael Schwarz's avatar Michael Schwarz 🤔
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Prevent from applying fix of connected conflict if one connected is not

parent 5161af32
......@@ -1155,6 +1155,20 @@ public class CupConflictsView extends FailableView implements ICupEditorPageVisi
private void applyConnectedResolution(){
for(ConflictPanel p: conflictPanels){
if(p.resolutionOptions.getSelectionIndex() == 0){
Shell shell = new Shell(Display.getCurrent());
MessageBox box = new MessageBox(shell,SWT.ICON_WARNING | SWT.OK);
box.setMessage("Please choose a way to resolve all conflicts that are affected. Then click this button again.");;
try {
IDocument document = editor.getDocument();
ParserResult r = Model.getInstanceForDocument(document).getAstModel();
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