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## Eclipse Plugin for MiniJava
MiniJava is a small tutorial language which demonstrates imperative statements of arbitrary C-like programming languages. Get the [MiniJava Grammar]( as a specification.
This Eclipse Plugin is intended as a demonstration for how to proceed when developing a language plugin for Eclipse 4.4. This step-by-step demonstration emanates from a working language frontend, based on [JFlex]( and [CUP]( There are certain milestones in this project, which illustrate, what changes had to be done in order to introduce a particular new feature compared to the last milestone.
In the end, the final plugin supports several features:
* [Model/View/Controller Architecture](
* [Syntax Highlighting](
* [Refactoring: Identifier renaming](
* [Program Outline, Declaration-Usage Analysis with Hyperlinks and **Identifier Undefinied** Errors](
* [Collapsing code blocks along matching brackets](
* [Rudimentary Content assist](
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