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added a routine to replace chains of unary branches in syntax trees with the last branch only

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package java_cup.runtime;
import java.util.LinkedList;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Stack;
public class SyntaxTreeTranform {
private static class ChainRemover extends SyntaxTreeDFS.AbstractVisitor{
public XMLElement root(){
return stack.pop();
private Stack<XMLElement> stack = new Stack<XMLElement>();
public void defaultPost(XMLElement arg0, List<XMLElement> arg1) {
int n = arg1.size();
if (n>1){
LinkedList<XMLElement> elems = new LinkedList<>();
while (n-->0) elems.addFirst(stack.pop());
XMLElement ne = new XMLElement.NonTerminal(arg0.getTagname(),0,elems.toArray(new XMLElement[0]));
//if (n==1){}
if (n==0) stack.push(arg0);
public void defaultPre(XMLElement arg0, List<XMLElement> arg1) {}
public static XMLElement removeUnaryChains(XMLElement elem) {
ChainRemover cr = new ChainRemover();
SyntaxTreeDFS.dfs(elem, cr);
return cr.root();
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