Commit aae46893 authored by Julian Kranz's avatar Julian Kranz
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X86 RREIL Translator

- Added semantics of: PUSHF
- Bug fix
parent 9f83f73b
......@@ -1353,7 +1353,7 @@ val sem-popf x = do
out-mask <- return 0xffffffffffc3a02a;
andb x.opndsz popped (var popped) (imm in-mask);
andb flags.size flags (var flags) (imm out-mask);
andb x.opndsz flags (var flags) (imm out-mask);
orb x.opndsz flags (var flags) (var popped)
......@@ -1412,6 +1412,16 @@ val sem-push x = do
ps-push x.opnd-sz (var temp)
val sem-pushf x = do
mask <- return 0x0000000000fcffff;
flags <- rflags;
temp <- mktemp;
andb flags.size temp (var flags) (imm mask);
ps-push x.opnd-sz (var temp)
## Q>>
## R>>
......@@ -2357,9 +2367,9 @@ val semantics insn =
| PUSH x: sem-push x
| PUSHA x: sem-undef-arity0 x
| PUSHAD x: sem-undef-arity0 x
| PUSHF x: sem-undef-arity0 x
| PUSHFD x: sem-undef-arity0 x
| PUSHFQ x: sem-undef-arity0 x
| PUSHF x: sem-pushf x
| PUSHFD x: sem-pushf x
| PUSHFQ x: sem-pushf x
| PXOR x: sem-undef-arity2 x
| RCL x: sem-undef-arity2 x
| RCPPS x: sem-undef-arity2 x
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