Commit 7aa5b39c authored by Julian Kranz's avatar Julian Kranz
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X86 RREIL Translator

parent 5329d0a5
......@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@ end
val pop-all = do
head <- query $stack;
update @{stack=SEM_NIL};
return head
#val connect-tail stmt tail =
......@@ -214,27 +214,34 @@ val sem-undef-flow1 x = do
val emit-parity-flag sz r = do
byte-size <- return 8;
low-byte <- mktemp;
movzx 8 low-byte sz r;
movzx byte-size low-byte sz r;
counter <- mktemp;
mov 8 counter (imm 0);
mov byte-size counter (imm 0);
cond <- mktemp;
mov 1 cond (imm 1);
_while (var cond) __ do
t <- mktemp;
andb 8 t (var low-byte) (imm 1);
add 8 counter (var counter) (var t);
shr 8 low-byte (var low-byte) (imm 1);
cmpneq 8 cond (var low-byte) (imm 0)
andb byte-size t (var low-byte) (imm 1);
add byte-size counter (var counter) (var t);
shr byte-size low-byte (var low-byte) (imm 1);
cmpneq byte-size cond (var low-byte) (imm 0)
pf <- fPF;
cmpeq pf (var counter) (imm 4)
cmpeq byte-size pf (var counter) (imm 4)
#val emit-arithmetic-adjust-flag sz r a b
val emit-arithmetic-adjust-flag sz r a b = do
# Hacker's Delight - How the Computer Sets Overflow for Signed Add/Subtract
t <- mktemp;
xorb sz t r a;
xorb sz t t b;
val emit-add-flags sz a b c = do
eq <- fEQ;
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