Commit 745aecb1 authored by Julian Kranz's avatar Julian Kranz
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X86 RREIL Translator

- Continued to implement the use of sub scopes
- Cleaned up conv-with
parent d4a4aebc
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ main:
add %rax, %rax
add (%rax), %rax
#inc %rax
......@@ -235,13 +235,12 @@ val sem-mul conv x = do
factor0-sem <- return (semantic-register-of (register-by-size low A sz));
factor0 <- mktemp;
expand factor0 conv (var factor0-sem) sz (sz + sz);
factor0 <- expand mktemp conv (var factor0-sem) sz (sz + sz);
factor1 <- reads conv (sz + sz) x.opnd1;
product <- mktemp;
mul (sz + sz) product (var factor0) factor1;
mul (sz + sz) product factor0 factor1;
emit-mul-flags sz product;
......@@ -62,14 +62,17 @@ type signedness =
| Unsigned
val expand expanded conv lin from-sz to-sz =
val expand dst-getter conv lin from-sz to-sz =
if from-sz === to-sz then
mov to-sz expanded lin
return lin
else do
expanded <- dst-getter;
case conv of
Signed: movsx to-sz expanded from-sz lin
| Unsigned: movzx to-sz expanded from-sz lin
return (var expanded)
val segment-add mode64 address segment = let
val seg-sem seg-reg = SEM_LIN_VAR(semantic-register-of seg-reg)
......@@ -99,9 +102,8 @@ val segmented-lin lin sz segment = do
real-addr-sz <- real-addr-sz;
mode64 <- mode64?;
expanded <- mktemp;
expand expanded Unsigned lin sz real-addr-sz;
return (segment-add mode64 (var expanded) segment)
expanded <- expand mktemp Unsigned lin sz real-addr-sz;
return (segment-add mode64 expanded segment)
val segmented-reg reg segment = segmented-lin (var reg) reg.size segment
......@@ -142,9 +144,8 @@ val conv-with conv sz x =
val conv-reg conv sz r = do
reg <- return (semantic-register-of r);
expanded <- mktemp;
expand expanded conv (var reg) reg.size sz;
return (var expanded)
expanded <- expand mktemp conv (var reg) reg.size sz;
return expanded
val conv-sum conv sz x =
......@@ -183,18 +184,18 @@ val conv-with conv sz x =
| MEM x:
val m expanded = do
t <- mktemp;
address <- conv-mem x;
segmented-load t x.psz address x.segment;
expand expanded conv (var t) sz;
return (var expanded)
segmented-load expanded x.psz address x.segment;
expanded <- expand (return expanded) conv (var expanded) sz;
return expanded
in do
#address <- conv-mem x;
address <- return (conv-mem x);
expanded <- mktemp;
with-subscope (m expanded);
return (var expanded)
expanded <- with-subscope (m expanded);
return expanded
end end
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