Commit 74330dc0 authored by Julian Kranz's avatar Julian Kranz
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X86 RREIL Translator

- Started to add semantics of: (V)PSHUFB
parent 63d97a22
......@@ -1467,19 +1467,20 @@ val sem-psadbw x = sem-psadbw-vpsadbw-opnd '0' x.opnd1 x.opnd1 x.opnd2
val sem-vpsadbw x = sem-psadbw-vpsadbw-opnd '1' x.opnd1 x.opnd2 x.opnd3
val sem-pshufb-vpshufb-opnd avx-encoded opnd1 opnd2 opnd3 = do
size <- sizeof1 opnd1;
src <- read size opnd2;
shuffle-control-mask <- read size opnd3;
dst <- lval size opnd1;
#size <- sizeof1 opnd1;
#src <- read size opnd2;
#shuffle-control-mask <- read size opnd3;
#dst <- lval size opnd1;
temp-scm <- mktemp;
#temp-scm <- mktemp;
#=> For each index: mov (logb (divb size 8)) temp-scm shuffle-control-mask;
#movzx temp-scm to some size?!
#temp-src2 <- mktemp;
#mov size temp-src2 src2;
temp-dst <- mktemp;
#temp-dst <- mktemp
return void
val ps-push opnd-sz opnd = do
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