Commit 6b25734e authored by Julian Kranz's avatar Julian Kranz
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parent 6b1275bf
......@@ -116,6 +116,7 @@ val lv-gen gens stmt =
| SEM_CBRANCH x: visit-flow 1 gens x
| SEM_FLOP x: lv-union (visit-semvar gens (sizeof-id x.flags) (visit-semvarls visit-semvar gens x.rhs)
| SEM_PRIM x: visit-semvarls visit-semvar gens x.rhs
| SEM_THROW x: gens
# | SEM_LABEL x: gens
# | SEM_IF_GOTO_LABEL x: visit-lin gens 1 x.cond
# | SEM_IF_GOTO x: visit-flow gens x
......@@ -337,6 +338,7 @@ val lv-analyze initial-live stack =
| SEM_ASSIGN y: cont (lv-kill1 x.hd) (lvstate-eval state x.hd)
| SEM_FLOP y: cont (lv-kill1 x.hd) (lvstate-eval state x.hd)
| SEM_PRIM y: cont (lv-kill1 x.hd) (lvstate-eval state x.hd)
| SEM_THROW y: cont (lv-kill1 x.hd) (lvstate-eval state x.hd)
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