Commit 3eec98dc authored by Axel Simon's avatar Axel Simon

don't require ml ulex and antrl

parent e82113ea
......@@ -38,20 +38,9 @@ fi
AM_CONDITIONAL([HAVE_MLTON],[test x$MLTON != "xnot-found"])
AC_PATH_PROG(MLULEX, ml-ulex, ["not-found"])
if test [$MLULEX == "not-found"]; then
echo "You must install SML/NJ (to get ml-ulex)."
exit 1
AC_PATH_PROG(MLULEX, ml-ulex, ["ml-ulex not-found"])
AC_PATH_PROG(MLANTLR, ml-antlr, ["not-found"])
if test [$MLANTLR == "not-found"]; then
echo "You must install SML/NJ (to get ml-antlr)."
exit 1
AC_PATH_PROG(MLANTLR, ml-antlr, ["ml-antlr not-found"])
dnl define a variable that helps us to only build Linux-specific stuff on Linux
case "$host_os" in
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